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Unveiling: Enhanced Visibility Hawke Red-Dot Sights

Key Features & Specifications

  • Powerful 3 M.O.A Red Dot

    Our Hawke Red-Dot sight is equipped with a strong 3 M.O.A red dot, ensuring optimal visibility. Customize your view with the 11 brightness settings to suit all lighting conditions.
  • Fully Coated Optics

    Fully coated optics in the sight allow for maximum light transmission, letting you aim with precision even in low-light conditions.
  • Wide Field of View

    Get a vast field of vision for an enhanced light-gathering experience. This premier feature allows for better object tracking and improved accuracy.
  • Adjustable Turrets

    Comfortably alter windage and elevation with the positively designed adjustment turrets. This allows for improved and customized control.
  • Unlimited Eye Relief and Fixed Focus

    Enjoy unlimited eye relief and fixed focus, making it versatile and apt enough for use on pistols, shotguns, and bows.
  • 3 M.O.A Dimension

    The Red-Dot measures 3 M.O.A, with 1 M.O.A encompassing a 1" area at 100 yards, ensuring precise and accurate aim.
  • Adjustable Brightness

    All Hawke Red Dots come with adaptable brightness, giving you variable levels of clarity based on your preference and conditions.

Experience the perfect blend of power and precision with our Hawke Red-Dot Sights.

Focus better

, get a superior field of view, and adjust your brightness to immaculate levels. Brace yourself for a shooting experience like no other.

Don't miss a perfect shot again!

Equip yourself with Hawke's Red-Dot Sights

for a hassle-free, precise, and sharp shooting experience. Order now to enhance your hunting or shooting sessions!

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