Daystate Huntsman Revere Regulated

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Spectacular! Describes in a single word the new Daystate Huntsman Revere. This latest rifle to bear the highly respected Huntsman badge honors the American market in both name and performance. Famous for their elegant woodwork, Daystate insists on a special grade of walnut each stock is hand rubbed providing a finish that is both beautiful and durable. Each Revere stock is highly checkered at the fore end and pistol grip with a Rose-wood grip cap and Bass-wood spacer. The roll over cheek piece is available for right- or left-hand shooters with a soft rubber butt pad for ultimate comfort. The new Huntsman Revere incorporates the same side lever system also used in their flagship Wolverine R line of rifles. This superior cocking action is smooth and almost effortless. When the cocking lever reaches the rearward position, the magazine rotates a pellet into the bore line. On the forward closing stroke, the pellet is inserted into the bore and the lever is magnetically assisted to close, a delightful experience. This system can be reversed simply and quickly to be actuated from the other side of the breech block. The Revere incorporates the newest magazine technology from Daystate offering higher capacity and faster loading. This design offers an elegant solution for fast easy loading of the magazine regardless of finger size or arthritic restrictions for some of the more seasoned shooters. The face of the magazine is on a hinge the when pulled from the top down will expose the entire magazine wheel for easy pellet insertion. Additionally, the magazine uses a spring-loaded location system that enhances accuracy and requires fewer moving parts. Once loaded and ready to fire, Daystates firing valve system working in concert with the worlds finest Huma regulator and patented hammer provide the best in consistent and accurate shots per air fill. When filled to 250 bar in .25 caliber one can expect 30 shots at 38 Ft-Lbs of energy out of the 162cc of available air inside the cylinder. The German made, Competition grade A.R.T approved barrel and match grade fully adjustable trigger provide long range accuracy for target and hunting use. Other user inspired features include: Individual pressure gauges for both air cylinder and regulator, an 11mm scope rail, shrouded barrel with capped ½ UNF threads, and industry exclusive 5-year warranty for the USA.

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