Upgrade/Barrel Kits

Supercharge the performance of your airgun with high-end Upgrade Barrel Kits from our selection. A precise barrel is vital to the accuracy and longevity of your airgun, and our collection is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding shooters.

Discover barrel upgrades crafted to provide tighter shot groupings and overall improved consistency. These kits are compatible with various models, ensuring that regardless of the airgun you possess, we have an upgrade to match.

The premium materials and meticulous construction of the barrels we offer stand as a testament to the commitment to quality that Airgun Titans is known for. With these upgrades, transform your airgun into an impeccable marksmanship tool that you can rely on.

Customers will be pleased to find that investing in their airgun's performance doesn't mean excessive shipping costs—with all orders over $1,000, shipping is on us. That's right, free shipping to go with your top-notch barrel upgrade.

Select a barrel kit that promises seamless integration and a noticeable boost to your shooting experience. With improved accuracy and superior construction, the journey to elevate your shooting prowess starts here at Airgun Titans. Make your mark with confidence and precision; upgrade today.