Hawke Vantage

Hawke Optics

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Indulge in the impressive Vantage range, boasting a remarkable

11-layer fully multi-coated lens

This essential feature provides heightened light transmission and improved contrast across the entire optical system.

Presenting the innovative

Adjustable Objective or AO models

that assure parallax-free accuracy. It allows adjustment of focus from as close as 10 yards extending to infinity. A stellar option for those passionate about short-range shooting.

Experience hassle-free magnification amendment with our efficient

High Torque Zoom Ring

Get ready for an unaltered vision under recoil, owing to its high torque setup that's smooth while remaining altogether solid.

  • 11-layer Fully Multi-Coated Lenses enriching light transmission and contrast.
  • Adjustable Objective for parallax free accuracy and adjustable focus.
  • High Torque Zoom Ring for easy magnification adjustment that remains stable under recoil.

Don't compromise on your shooting experience. Enhance your accuracy with our superior optics. It's time to take advantage of advanced features like multi-coated lenses, adjustable focus, and high torque zoom quality.

Upgrade your gear now with the Vantage range and immerse yourself in an elevated shooting experience. Order now for the premium shooting experience you deserve!

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