FX Slug Power Kit

FX Airguns

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Power Boost Kit for FX Crown:

If you're an FX Crown owner with aspirations for increased power, the FX Crown Slug Power Kit is your optimal solution. Ideal for amplifying your shooting capability, it's suited to firing both pellets and slugs. This kit, comprised of key components like 2 O-rings/Caliber Sleeve, Probe, Hammer Weight, Spring Holder Replacement, and a novel Hammer Adjuster, promises to elevate your FX Crown's performance by enhancing its power.

Slug Power Kit for FX Impact:

FX Airguns proudly presents the FX Impact Slug Power Kit - a straightforward enhancement engineered to maximize the Impact's efficacy when using slugs or other hefty ammunition.

The kit induces an augmentation in muzzle velocity, predominantly due to the addition of two hammer weight spacers located before the return spring on the hammer weight guide. This setup increases compression on the hammer spring and adds heft to the hammer. A lighter valve return spring accompanies this alteration, keeping the valve open for a slightly extended period and permitting more air to propel weightier ammunition like airgun slugs.

Included in the FX Impact Slug Power Kit is a uniquely crafted pin probe, the result of a joint effort between World Champion 25 Meter WRABF victor Hein Fromann, his fellow South African Matt Dubber, and Johan Axelsson from FX Airguns. The result is a pin probe that's adjustable in terms of seating depth for your projectile, thus improving accuracy. The probe's design also increases airflow within the barrel. The kit includes a .22 caliber pin probe, complemented by a sleeve for easy conversion to a .25 caliber pin probe.

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