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FX Power Plenum - Dreamline

FX Airguns

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Please note, this will NOT function with Dream-Tact & Lite Compacts or Dream-Pup Bottles.

The Dreamline Power Plenum is a user-friendly screw-on adapter that requires no technical expertise to install and poses no risk of damaging the rifle. The process is simple: first, de-pressurize the airgun, unscrew the air cylinder (or the bottle & bottle adapter for bottle guns), attach the Dreamline Power Plenum, reattach the air cylinder (or bottle & bottle adapter for bottle guns), and refill the rifle with air.

Whether you're thinking of purchasing your first high-performance PCP or seeking to enhance your collection, the Dreamline Power Plenum amplifies the performance of the FX Dreamline and further cements its status as the most cost-effective high-performance PCP available!

However, please note that specific performance results are not guaranteed, and the FX warranty can be voided if installed or used incorrectly.


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