Byrna SD Pepper Kit


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Introducing the Future of Non-Lethal Self Defense — Byrna SD!

Glance into the future of non-lethal self-defense with Byrna SD. Driven by CO2, this cutting-edge pistol fires .68 caliber round kinetic and chemical irritant projectiles. The combination enables you to feel comfortable, secure and provides a safer alternative to regular firearms, whether you're utilizing it for training or real-life situations.

Impressive Features of Byrna SD

Outstanding Projectile Speed

The Byrna SD stands out with up to a 300 feet-per-second average projectile speed, ensuring fast and effective self-defense.

Ergonomic Honeycomb Grip

Its ergonomic honeycomb grip is designed to offer enhanced control in all conditions, allowing you to operate it seamlessly.

Improved Sights System

The Byrna SD is equipped with an improved sights system for faster target acquisition, ensuring you can respond quickly in stressful situations.

Straight Trigger with Optimum Weight

With a straight trigger that has a 6.5 lb. trigger pull weight on the second shot, and a smoother press, Byrna SD ensures precise control and ease of use.

Ambidextrous Safe/Fire Switch

Fitted with an ambidextrous safe/fire switch that allows for easy toggling for both left-handed and right-handed individuals, Byrna SD suits every individual's needs.

What is Included in the Byrna SD Pepper Kit

The Byrna SD Pepper Kit comes in an all-enclosing, zipped carrying case with everything required to start:

  • One (1) Byrna SD Launcher
  • Two (2) 5-Round Magazines
  • Two (2) Byrna 8-Gram CO2 Cartridges
  • One (1) 5-Round Tube of Byrna Pepper Projectiles
  • One (1) 5-Round Tube of Byrna Kinetic Projectiles
  • One (1) 5-Round Tube of Byrna Eco-Kinetic Projectiles

Important Shipping Information

Please note that the Byrna SD Pepper Kit cannot be shipped to California or New York states. Additionally, we do not ship any Byrna products to Hawaii, Manhattan NY, Bronx NY, Brooklyn NY, Queens NY, Staten Island NY, Yonkers NY, Washington D.C, and San Francisco CA.

Get your Byrna SD Homedefence Tool Today!

Order your Byrna SD now to experience the next-level in non-lethal self-defense. Designed for training or real-life situations, it is your reliable companion for increasing safety and confidence on every adventure.

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