Byrna 8g CO2 plus Oiler pack (10ct)


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"The special cartridges designed for the Byrna SD and HD Launchers occupy a unique niche in performance and user experience. The thoughtful inclusion of one CO2 cartridge along with oil magnifies simplicity in maintenance, highlighting smart usage every 10 CO2 cartridges.

Specific Design

The cartridges are specifically tailored to provide optimal functionality with Byrna SD and HD Launchers.

Increased Lifespan

Every ‌new‌ ‌cartridge‌ is anticipated to last‌ for‌ 15-20‌ rounds, proving efficiency considering the impressive lifespan.

Practical Usage

Dependable reliability over 4 mags in a 5 round magazine at full speed, thus delivering excellent performance.

Integrated Maintenance Solution

Now included is a CO2 cartridge along with oil, indicating a major leap forward to ensure easy maintenance after every 10 CO2 usage.

Invest today in the cartridge uniquely designed for your Byrna SD and HD Launchers, and reap the benefits of enhanced performance combined with integrated maintenance solutions. Time for you to elevate your experience.

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