Bug-A-Salt High Performance Salt Pouch


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Ammo you can eat! BUG-A-SALT has crafted the perfect grain size for the ultimate hunting experience. Featuring a new design! An 18oz stand up pouch, with a twist top pour spout.

Buckshot to the birdshot of your average table salt. We call it flyshot.

Guaranteed to help you exceed your state’s bag limit on flies. Please refer to your local DNR for fly hunting regulations.

  • New, easier to pour 18oz stand up pouch with twist top spout.
  • Larger grain for higher impact on target.
  • Anti-caking agent improves performance.
  • Perfect to use while BBQing.
  • Tastes great & zero calories.
  • Gluten Free.
  • May increase blood pressure if large quantity is ingested.
  • NOT compatible with BUG-A-SALT SHRED-ER!

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