Bug-A-Salt Garden Gnomes


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These gnomes need a home!

Introducing the manliest lawn ornament in America. These gnomes have been whittled from resin by Lorenzo himself (using nothing more than a pocket knife!), and are hand crafted to protect your garden from pesty intruders. Have an annoying neighbor who wants to be your special friend? Place a couple of these guys on your front porch and he won't be "Swinging" by anymore! Got some gnarly flies hovering over that lawn sausage the dog left you? Well this Gnome is looking for prey.


  • Great conversation piece while enjoying a beer.
  • Adds the classic trailer park feel to your yard.
  • Better than a plastic flamingo.
  • Easier to install than a rusty old car up on cinder blocks.
  • Stands at a mighty 12 inches tall.
  • Add both the kneeling master and deadly sniper to your lawn ornament collection!

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