Athlon CF 32 Carbon Fiber Tripod

Athlon Optics

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Steadfast Support with Athlon's Tripods

Experience unmatched steadiness with Athlon's carbon fiber tripods. These state-of-the-art supports feature a unique 10-layer vibration-dampening technology. They arrive fully prepared to hold your rifle using the provided bowl mount or ball head.

Ball Head Features

  • Friction Control
  • Ball Lock
  • Fluid Pan Control
  • Arca Compatibility for Direct-to-Rifle Attachment

The ball head does more than just supporting your rifle - it offers multiple control methods to ensure optimal stability during use.

Additional Inclusions

  • Tripod Hammock
  • Shoulder Pad
  • Sling
  • Padded Case
  • Optional Spiked Feet

In addition to offering superior support, your purchase of Athlon's carbon fiber tripod includes additional beneficial components to enhance your user experience.

Product Specifications

  • Head Style: Ballhead and Leveling Head
  • Head Mount: Arca Compatible (Ball Head)
  • Leg Material: 10-Layer Carbon Fiber
  • Max Leg Diameter: 32mm
  • Max Extended Height: 65"
  • Lowest Extended Height: 9"
  • Folded Height: 26"
  • Weight: 5.7
  • Max Load: 55lbs

The Athlon tripod’s impressive specifications accommodate a range of applications, optimizing your experience, whether for sport or outdoor pursuits.

Make it Yours Today!

Experience the precision and control offered by this top-of-the-line tripod. Get your Athlon's 10-layer vibration-dampening carbon fiber tripod today and take your shooting accuracy to new heights!

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