FX Carbon Fiber Bottle

FX Airguns

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300CC Bottle: The 300CC FX Carbon Fiber Bottle comes with a valve and is currently featured on the FX Impact Compact, FX Maverick Compact, and FX Dream-Tact Compact.

480cc Bottle: The 480cc Carbon Fiber bottle, complete with a valve, is specially designed for the following FX airguns: FX Royale 300/400/500, FX Boss, FX Impact, FX Dreamline (with Bottle Adapter), FX Crown, and FX Maverick.

480cc 300BAR Bottle: Double Reg. Guns

580cc Bottle: A larger carbon fiber tank with a capacity of 580cc (with valve) is available, surpassing the standard 480cc size. This tank can be used with the following guns: FX Impact, FX Crown, FX Dreamline (Bottle adapter needed), and FX Maverick.

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