Hawke XB30 2-7x32 Crossbow Scope

Hawke Optics

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Experience Unbeatable Precision with Crossbow-Compatible Scopes

Presenting high-performance scopes built to endure the rigorous demands of crossbows. These meticulously crafted scopes feature state-of-the-art reticle systems, ensuring your shot accuracy improves significantly, whether you’re using crossbows, airbows, or arrow guns powered by air.

Calibration and Speeds

Mark your targets with precision as these scopes are ideally calibrated for a range of 280fps to 440fps. Inject high-speed accuracy into your shots, as these scopes support this speed range rigorously.

Capped Low-Profile Turrets

Enjoy the advantage of Capped Low-Profile Turrets, fitting seamlessly into the 30mm mono-tube chassis. These turrets not only add to the sleek design but also ensure an easier aim, making you a formidable archer or shooter!


These scopes incorporate a powerful half MOA low-profile fingertip illumination system

Fixed Parallax

Benefit from the fixed parallax at 45 meters, further enhancing the scope's accuracy and your shooting precision.

Multi-Coated Lenses

With an impressive 11-layer fully multi-coated lens construction, target clarity and brightness are ensured under varying light conditions.

High Torque Zoom Ring

Adjust magnification swiftly and efficiently with the high torque zoom ring feature. This enables detailed target viewing and quick magnification changes.

Fast Focus Eyebell

The scopes are crowned with the fast focus eyebell feature. It ensures a quick, effortless, and pin-sharp focus on your target, boosting your shot precision further.

Raise your game with these meticulously crafted, high-performance scopes. Their intricate features and robust construction are designed to enhance your shooting or archery skills. So, don't wait. Grab your precision-enhancing scope today!

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