FX Royale (400 & 500)

FX Airguns

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Pre-charged pneumatic
Velocity (FPS):
Airgun Use:
Small game hunting/target practice
Fire Mode:

The FX Royale series is undoubtedly FX's flagship line, and it showcases their commitment to quality and innovation. The Royale breech block and valve system underwent two years of meticulous development and testing before being put into production. The breech block features a super smooth and effortless side lever cocking system and a spring tensioned magazine. Complementing this design is an adjustable match-grade trigger that ensures a crisp and precise release of each shot. The 3-step patented power adjuster allows for quick selection of the desired power level, repeating itself with absolute precision. With a 400 cc air supply and the Smooth Twist barrel, the Royale 400 delivers many super accurate shots. The gun's lightweight design, along with the included suppression system, makes it remarkably quiet and recoil-free. Additionally, the standard regulator provides more consistent shots per fill, enhancing overall performance.

The Royale 500 sports all the features of the 400-series with a few exceptions. The 500 is a .25 caliber with a longer barrel and a larger 500cc air tank. It comes equipped with the patented power adjuster as well as a pressure regulator, ensuring convenience and reliability. The Royale 500 is a solid and dependable airgun, living up to the high standards set by FX's renowned flagship line.


FX Royale
Manufacturer FX Airguns
Calibers .177 .22 .25
Velocity 1000 fps 920 fps 900 fps
Condition New
Ammo Type Pellets
Action Sidelever
Barrel Style Rifled
Fire Mode Repeater
Gun Weight

Synthetic: 6.4 lbs

Walnut: 6.8 lbs

Laminate: 7.5 lbs

7 lbs

7.5 lbs

7.5 lbs

Overall Length 40.25" 47.04"
Barrel Length 19.5" (400mm) 23.6" (500mm)
Loudness 2-Low-Medium 1-Low
Magazine Capacity 16 12 11
Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
Rail 11mm dovetail
Safety Manual
Front Sights None
Rear Sights None
Shots per Fill 80 60 60
Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
Trigger Action None
Use Small game hunting/target practice
Warranty 3-year limited warranty


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