FX Outdoors True Ballistics Chronograph

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Have you seen the new Garmin Xero C1 Pro? Offering all the essential features in a more compact design, it's significantly smaller than the FX True Ballistics yet equally powerful. Check it out here!

The FX Outdoors True Ballistic Chronograph is your ultimate solution for calculating precise ballistic coefficients for your ammunition at varying distances. With this device, there's no need for an external trigger. It's a fusion of cutting-edge technology and convenience, all packed into a portable and lightweight unit. The best part? It operates flawlessly in any condition, eliminating the need for additional accessories like sky screens. It outperforms its competitors while being more cost-effective.

The chronograph is your reliable partner for tracking ammunition speeds from both airguns and firearms, with a remarkable range of 400 - 4000 fps. By simply entering your ammunition weight, it also provides you with the foot-pound energy (fpe). For enhanced accuracy in ballistic coefficient calculations, you have the option to set a G1 or G7 drag model.

The FX Outdoors True Ballistic Chronograph is designed for the modern shooter. It pairs with an app over Bluetooth, providing you with comprehensive data about your shot strings. The internal battery can be conveniently charged using a USB-C cord, ensuring your chronograph is always ready when you are.

Experience the future of shooting technology with the FX Outdoors True Ballistic Chronograph. It's not just a tool, it's a game-changer.


FX Outdoors True Ballistic Chronograph Features:

  • Radar Technology: The chronograph uses advanced radar technology, allowing it to work flawlessly in any weather conditions, even in the middle of the night. This eliminates the need for external light sources or triggers.
  • Wide Detection Range: Capable of detecting speeds from 400 to over 4,000 fps, making it versatile for both airguns and firearms.
  • Comprehensive Data: The device provides detailed shot strings, calculates the muzzle energy of your rifle in either foot pounds or joules, and shows standard deviation and spread.
  • Indicates subsonic yardage: for enhanced shooting accuracy.
  • Selectable Drag Models: You can select G1 or G7 drag models for better accuracy when calculating ballistic coefficient.
  • Internal Battery: It comes with an internal battery that is rechargeable using a USB-C cable, ensuring your chronograph is always ready when you are.
  • Compact and Portable: The device is small, portable, and lightweight, weighing just 1.8lbs and with dimensions of 7.4" x 9.6". It's easy to carry around and use wherever you need it.
  • Large LCD Display: The large LCD display ensures easy reading of measurements and data.
  • Bluetooth Capable: The chronograph communicates via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The app, available for both iOS and Android, provides extended data about your shot strings.
  • All-Condition Performance: Designed to work in all conditions, this chronograph is your reliable partner for shooting in any environment.
  • Carrying Case: It includes a lined carrying case that doubles as a stand, providing protection and convenience.



Feature Description
Dimension 7.4” x 9.6”
Weight 1.85lbs
Interface Bluetooth
App iOS & Android
Measurement Speed, Energy, Shot String

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