Bug-A-Salt Case O' SHRED-ER Ammo


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SHRED-ER Salt Cartridges - CASE OF 12

Purchase by the case and save big time on our "never seen before" patented SHRED-ER salt cartridges. With over 1,400 shots, heavy users can put over $40 back in their pocket while they SHRED the sh!t out of giant roaches, murder hornets, carpenter bees, scorpions, lantern flies, centipedes or any other sorry MotherF@#-ing pest insects who dare cross their path.

For the frugal folks mulling this purchase over in Michigan, you are saving over 30%! Regular price is 10 cents a shot and getting 'em by the case puts you at 6.9 cents. We know there are people out there in Wisconsin still counting their ha'pennies. And if you haven't got a hap'enny, then God bless you!

Whether or not you purchase 144 shots or 1,400 shots, we are extremely proud of this new, lethal, salt ammunition. However, we must warn you of its power. Don't be an idiot. This stuff will damage furniture, paint, finished surfaces, & window screens. DO NOT SHOOT critters sitting on Grandma's antiques! No butterflies, praying mantises, kittens or the like are to be targeted with this device. Pest insects only.


  • 144 cartridges, 1,440 rounds of ammunition = 6.9¢ a shot!
  • Powered by non-toxic, ordinary sodium (Na)
  • ONLY compatible with BUG-A-SALT SHRED-ER
  • Non reusable, please recycle plastic when spent
  • Wear safety glasses for your protection during operation
  • Do not attempt to modify or service this product & contact us directly for assistance.
  • Cheaper than a carton of cigarettes... healthier too!
  • Recommended to eliminate pests including: Giant Roaches/Waterbugs, Murder Hornets, Carpenter Bees, Centipedes, Scorpions, Giant biting spiders such Banana or Joro, Locusts, Potato Beetles, Squash Bugs, Tomato/Hornworms, and Lantern Flies.
  • NOT Compatible with BUG-A-SALT 3.0 or 2.5!

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