Athlon Ares G2 20-60x85 Spotting Scope

Athlon Optics

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Discover the beauty of crystal clear vision at farther distances with our

20-60×85 Ares G2 UHD spotting scope

Experience sharp imagery even at 1,000 yards, making it your perfect companion for uncovering minute details.

Full-Size Spotting Scope

Considering its range, it would be easy to think it’s gigantic, but on the contrary, our 20-60×85 Ares G2 UHD spotting scope is a full-size spotting device designed to offer amazing visuals without being bulky.

Key features include:

  • Long Range Viewing:

    This top-quality spotting scope allows you to clearly observe impacts, even from as far away as 1,000 yards.
  • Extra-Low Dispersion Glass:

    No detail is too small with our extra-low dispersion glass. Even the tiniest elements are vividly clarified for your viewing pleasure.
  • High Resolution:

    With our G2 UHD spotting scope, your visuals will always be in high resolution. Every image crystal-clear, every colour vibrant, and every detail defined.

With all this and more, the 20-60×85 Ares G2 UHD spotting scope ensures that nothing escapes your notice.

Waiting to view a world filled with vivid clarity and resolution? Your journey to unparalleled long-distance viewing begins here.

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