Arcs Swiss & F-Picatinny Lever Clamp

Field Optic Research

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The Arca Swiss F-Picatinny Lever Clamp - Rotating is a break thru in modern weapons support technology. It's multi function mount system connects directly to any FBT Bowl Disk with the patent pending Band ClampTM System. The interlocking face groove and tension controlled Band Clamp provides smooth pan rotation independent of the bowl disk. The ASFPL-R is capable of mounting an Arca Swiss or Picatinny rail systems directly without the need for a QR plate. The adjustable Intilegent Lever ClampTM allows for fast, quick yet secure connect and release. The independent Band ClampTM tension control system allows smooth panning without having to releasing the Precision Bowl TensionerTM handle. The ASFPL-R can also be attached directly to other systems via. our Band Clap Adapter (sold separatly) and attach directly to most FORI tripod center tube top disks. The vertical tilt line level assures your weapon or optic is perfectly upright. Precision gradient markings on the Band Clamp help create accurate panoramic images and set vector headings. All CNC aircraft grade 6063-T6 aluminum construction. (Click here to compare us to the competition) If you want to call it that... Specifications: The new ASFPL-R has a new dual F-Picatinny and ARCA rail clamp system system designed to fit shorter Picatinny rails. The new extended lever clamp allows for a more sercure connection and clamp control tension. The lever is now "ON THE LEFT!!!", like it should have been all along. Pan movment is achieved by normal bowl rotation. The system now includes an optional retention feature that allows a firm connection even when the Band Clamp is loose. Weapon Mount Options: Both Arca Swiss & Picatinny Independent Pan Rotation: Yes QR Plate Style: Arca Swiss Picatinny Reaction stops: Yes, F-PicatinnyTM Adjustable lever tension: Yes, with Intilegent Lever Clamp System Head Interface: FORI Band Clamp SystemTM interface for connection to a Precision Bowl DiskTM. (May also connect via 3/8-16 stud by using an optional Band Clamp Adapter Disk.) Spirit Level: Yes, rear view precision vertical line level. Weight: 3.6 oz Dimensions: 2.3” dia x 7/8” tall Construction: 6063-T6 AL alloy, hard anodize, CNC machined

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