Daystate Alpha Wolf Bronze Safari 23in Barrel


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Introducing the Alpha Wolf Safari Edition, a new pinnacle in the realm of PCP air rifles, meticulously crafted for the serious hunter and the extreme range target shooter. This edition elevates the Alpha Wolf's unparalleled technological prowess with aesthetic and functional enhancements tailored for the most demanding outdoor pursuits.

The Safari Edition harmonizes rugged practicality with sophistication, featuring a high-grip, ambidextrous textured wood stock and a striking bronze-anodised monocoque frame. These elements not only enhance the rifle's visual appeal but also its structural integrity, providing a stable and durable platform for precision shooting.

Exceptional Features

Advanced Technological Integration

  • Equipped with a programmable operating system and an AVT touchscreen display for comprehensive customisation.

Interchangeable A.R.T Barrel System

  • Fast-swap capability allows for easy calibration according to calibre and ammo type, optimizing performance.

Digitally-Controlled HUMA-Air Regulator

  • Ensures consistent shot velocity, enhancing accuracy and reliability.

Onboard Chronoscope

  • Monitors velocity across the air charge, providing real-time feedback for adjustments.

Customizable Components

  • Modular design allows for personalised adjustments to cheek rest and butt pad, with aftermarket compatibility.

Enhanced Performance

  • Integrates the latest Alpha fast-flow valve with new software for superior shot consistency and up to a 15% increase in power.

Exclusive Textured Safari Wood Stock

  • Provides a secure grip and ambidextrous utility, complemented by an exquisite bronze-anodised action frame.

Comprehensive Calibre Options

  • Supports multiple calibres (.177, .22, .25, .30) with factory-set power profiles for each, ensuring optimal accuracy.

Upgradable System

  • Future-proof design allows for ongoing enhancements through software updates and feature developments.

Included Accessories

  • Comes with a custom-fit hard case and boasts a generous 5-year warranty, affirming its quality and durability.

Embrace the future of precision airgunning with the Alpha Wolf Safari Edition. Its blend of cutting-edge technology, customizability, and robust design sets a new standard for performance and versatility. Whether for competitive shooting or hunting, this rifle is engineered to exceed expectations. Discover unparalleled precision and power—upgrade to the Safari Edition today.

Unlock the potential of your shooting experience with a rifle that's as adaptable as it is powerful. Secure your Alpha Wolf Safari Edition now.

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