Benjamin Scuba Yoke Assembly


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Experience Rapid and Trouble-free Refilling with the Benjamin Scuba Yoke Assembly

The Benjamin Scuba Yoke Assembly comes with a uniquely designed, fast-connect fitting. It enables you to speedily fill up your Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) gun directly from a K-style valve scuba tank.

Fast Connect Fitting

  • This assembly set integrates a fast connect fitting feature for seamless and effortless refilling of your PCP gun.

K-style Valve Compatibility

  • This scuba yoke assembly is fully compatible with a K-style valve scuba tank- a feature that provides a broad range of compatibility and application.

Convenience and Performance in one Package

The Benjamin Scuba Yoke Assembly brings convenience, performance, and speed together. Whether you're a shooting sport enthusiast, a professional shooter, or simply love recreating with PCP guns, this assembly should be your go-to accessory for swift and efficient refilling.

Exceptional Performance

  • With its design and structure aimed at promoting peak performance, this assembly ensures your PCP gun is ready at all times, never running low on power.


  • Its ease of use and compatibility with K-style scuba tanks cut down on the time you would expend on refilling, giving you more valuable time to engage in your shooting activities.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience hassle-free, rapid filling of your PCP gun. Order your Benjamin Scuba Yoke Assembly now and bring speed, convenience, and performance to your shooting experiences.

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