Benjamin Marauder Pistol Magazine .22


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Optimized Magazine for Marauder Pistol

Discover a magazine ostensibly designed specifically for the Marauder Pistol, presenting an unparalleled level of convenience and performance.

High-Capacity Design

Experience enhanced shooting sessions with a magazine designed to hold an impressive number of eight shots.

Automatic Indexing

No more fumbling to load the next shot manually. The magazine boasts an automated indexing feature for seamless shooting.


Specifically tailored for .22 caliber Marauder Pistols, the flawless fit ensures optimum performance and shooting precision.

Take your shooting experience to the next level with our optimized, high-capacity, automatic indexing magazine for the .22 caliber Marauder Pistol.

Take action now! Improve your shooting endeavors with high efficiency and convenience.

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