Benjamin Marauder/Armada Rifle Magazine .177


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Experience the swift convenience and higher capacity brought to you by this .177 caliber Marauder Rifle magazine. Trade the manual labor of reloading for seamless automation.

Auto-Indexing Feature

  • With ten shots at your disposal, this magazine has a unique auto-indexing feature. No more manual cycling - it progresses to the next round on its own, saving you time during nail-biting shooting situations.

Compatibility with .177 Caliber Marauder Rifle

  • Specifically designed for the .177 caliber Marauder Rifle, it ensures perfect compatibility and operation without any performance hitches.

Ten Shot Capacity

  • Offering a ten-shot capacity, this magazine provides the leverage of higher rounds without reloading. It sustains your shooting momentum and keeps you at the forefront of action longer.

Superior Quality Construcion

  • Constructed with quality, durable material promising reliability and endurance. Designed for sustained use without any compromise on performance.

Kickstart an all-new shooting experience, submerge into action without interruptions for reloading. Grab this .177 caliber Marauder Rifle auto-indexing magazine right away!

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