Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle


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Introducing the Marauder: A Lightweight Powerhouse

Step up your game with the reimagined Marauder air rifle. Now more lightweight than ever before, it comes with a newly designed, all-weather, synthetic stock, ensuring this rifle never weighs you down.

A truly balanced weapon perfect for usage in the field, thanks to its ambidextrous raised comb. Perfect for pest hunting, this PCP air rifle is capable of taking down small to medium sized game.

Quiet, Precise Shooting

Exhibiting a choked and internally shrouded barrel, the Marauder perfects precision shooting and maintains ultra-quiet operation. It stands as the unrivaled rifle in its class for both accuracy and acoustic discretion.

Adjustable, Match-Grade Trigger System

Every shot is made smooth and steady with the Marauder's two-stage, adjustable, match-grade trigger system. You'll enjoy unrivaled control and accuracy for an all-around improved shooting experience.

Innovative Magazine Design

Quick follow-up shots are a breeze with the Marauder's innovative magazine design. You'll waste no time between shots, ensuring you’re always ready for the next round.

Built-in Pressure Gauge and Quick-Disconnect Foster Fittings

The Marauder is quick and easy to refill, thanks to its built-in pressure gauge and quick-disconnect Foster fittings. Spend less time on refills and more on shooting.

Invigorate Your Shooting Experience with Marauder

In summary, the Marauder is a lightweight, hard-hitting PCP air rifle that offers game-changing features for the hunting aficionado. Experience the unmatched precision, quiet operation, and quick shot recovery provided by the Marauder. Don't delay: take your shot and elevate your game with the Marauder today!

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