Benjamin Kratos Air Rifle


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Don't miss out on the discounted price! Contact us now! This exciting text is all about the fabulous Benjamin Kratos Wood Air Rifle. This air gun delivers top-notch performance and is powered by precharged pneumatic mechanisms.

Multi-shot Ability

It boasts an amazing multi-shot capability, achieved via a quick and easy side-lever cocking mechanism. This feature enhances user comfort and makes it an ideal piece for sports and hunting.

Large Air Bottle

With the Benjamin Kratos, you get to enjoy an impressive high shot count, thanks to its large air bottle. Offering sustainable shooting performance, it's perfectly tailored for extended hunting and sporting sessions.

Turkish Walnut Stock

This model also features an exquisite Turkish walnut stock. Adding to its overall elegance is an adjustable cheek piece, improving comfort, and aiding precision while shooting.

Side Cocking Lever

Its unique side cocking lever makes it a breeze to prepare and fire shots. All you have to do is pull it back and forth to load the next pellet.

Adjustable Trigger Shoe

Refined shooting is guaranteed as the air rifle comes with an adjustable trigger shoe. Catering to different user needs, this feature brings in personalization allowing for quick and accurate firing.

3000 PSI Pressure

To deliver optimum shooting outputs, the Benjamin Kratos Wood operates at a high pressure of 3000 PSI. This ensures higher velocity and accuracy per pellet fired.

60 Shots per Fill

Enjoy prolonged usage as this air rifle delivers up to 60 shots per fill. This makes it a reliable armament for those who enjoy long shooting or hunting sessions.

Picatinny Mount

Thanks to the included Picatinny mount, you can tailor this rifle to fit your ideal scope or sight aids. This opens up countless customization possibilities for your shooting experience.

12 Shot Rotary Magazine

Providing enhanced functionality is the 12 shot rotary magazine. This allows the shooter to fire multiple rounds without the need for frequent reloading.

5-Year Warranty

To protect your investment, the Benjamin Kratos Wood comes with a generous 5-year warranty. This is a testament to the manufacturer's trust in their product's durability and the commitment towards consumer satisfaction.

To get your hands on this exclusive piece, contact us to learn about our attractive pricing packages! Don't wait, grab your Benjamin Kratos Wood today!

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